Raze 3 – Hacked Version

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Raze-3-HackedRaze 3 is an awesome futuristic shooter which was developed by Sky9. In this crazy game, which is popular all over the world, you will have to fight against aliens who are trying to invade earth. You and your team are the last soldiers who can fight against the aliens, so the future of earth is now in your hands. Raze 3 features a great campaign mode with a lot of interesting features. The variety of match types, such as Death Match, Steal the Flag and others make this game very addictive. Also don’t forget that there are a lot of weapons in the game, which you can use, such as sniper rifle, machine gun, sword and others. When you complete the level, you are given stars based on your performance. You can use those stars to upgrade your weapons, buy special perks like grenades and swords. As soon as you complete the human campaign, you can start the alien campaign and fight against earth.

The basic controls of Raze 3 are: [W][A][S][D] = Move, [Mouse] = Aim / Shoot

Now I would like to give you some information about the Raze 3 Hacked version, because our website is dedicated to it. In hacked version of the game, you can get unlimited health, unlimited ammo, money and everything that you want. The instruction how to use the raze 3 hack is below, hope you enjoy it.


Information About Hack : To use the hacks in Raze 3 game press the following buttons:
[1] -  Health
[2] -  Unit Health
[3] -  Ammo
[4] -  Shield
[5] -  Energy
[6] -  Money
[7] - Unlock All Levels

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